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We are delighted to invite you to Pedirhythm IX  !

The new conference date is
29-30 of September

Pedirhythm  is a great conference, connecting pediatric cardiologists from all over the world. Unfortunately in this year due to COVID-19 pandemic it was cancelled. However we are offering you Mini Pedirhythm – a digital conference which will be available through this website. The conference will be held online for the first time in history.

Taking advantage of online tools you  can participate in the event in an easy, pleasant and cost-free way. Looking forward to meeting you via internet this year and hopefully “in real life” next time.

See you on the screens of your computers!

Full material from the conference:


Course Directors

PediRhythm Poland 2020

Alpay Celiker

Istanbul, Turkey

George F. Van Hare

St. Louis, USA

Gabriele Hessling

Munich, Germany

Joachim Hebe

Bremen, Germany

Tevfik Karagoz

Ankara, Turkey

Local Organizing Committee

PediRhythm Poland 2020

Maria Miszczak Knecht

Warsaw, Poland

Katarzyna Bieganowska

Warsaw, Poland

Grażyna Brzezińska-Rajszys

Warsaw, Poland



Video PediRhythm IX Day One

Video PediRhythm IX Day Two


September 29th

16:00 CET – 17:00 CET

Session 1 Meet the Experts Genetics
Moderators: Arthur Wilde, Susan Ethridge
The basics of genetics and inheritance, an update Andrew Davis
How to manage :
… betablocker resistant CPVT case?: Annika Rydberg
… loss-of-function sodium channel disease?: Arthur Wilde
… Brugada Type 1 ECG during fever?: Nico Blom

17:10 CET – 18:10 CET

Session 2 “How to”
Discussion Panel: Joachim Hebe, Laszlo Környei
Ablation of typical AVNRT: Fabrizio Drago
Ablation of Left-sided Aps: George Van Hare
Unusual Substrates in „normal heart“: Joachim Hebe
Ablation within the coronary sinus: John Triedman

18:20 CET – 19:20 CET

Session 3 Pro/con Devices
Moderators: Alpay Celiker, Charles Berul, Eric Rosenthal
Pro/ Con DEVICE Subcutaneous ICD is better for children who don’t require pacing, ATP than a Traditional Transvenous ICD
PRO: Karen Mc Leod
CON: Elizabeth Stephenson
Selected pacing: Better than traditional pacing?
PRO: Peter Karpawich
CON: Ferran Rosés-Noguer

September 30th

16:00 CET – 17:00 CET

Session 1 Meet the Experts Clinical EP
Moderators: Maria Miszczak-Knecht, Andrew Davis
Common clinical scenarios
My patient with fetal SVT is born in sinus rhythm: Andreas Pflaumer
My 2 week old baby with SVT is still in SVT after 5 times Adenosine: Sabrina Tsao
My 5 year old has a father diagnosed with Brugada: Cecilia Gonzalez Corcia
My 14 year old still has palpitations after ablation, but no documentation: Apichai Khong
My 3 month old AVSD patient has JET on the ICU and they won´t turn down the inotropes: Anne Dubin
My 12 year old patient has 2:1 AV block in his 24 hr Holter. What do I do now?: John Papagiannis  

17:10 CET – 18:10 CET

Session 2 “How to”
Discussion Panel: Gabriele Hessling, Edward Walsh
Infants – Tips and Tricks for Minimal Approach: Edward Walsh
Ablation of right-sided Aps: Gabriele Hessling
Para-Hisian/Para-Nodal Accessory Pathways: Tevfik Karagöz
Focal atrial tachycardia: Maully Shah

18:20 CET – 19:20 CET

Session 3 Special aspects of CIED implantation in young patients
Moderators: Thomas Kriebel, Roman Gebauer
Pacemakers in young patients: system choice and  programming – what to consider: Roman Gebauer
CRT or His Bundle- what´s the best place to pace?: Jan Janousek
Thinking About Extraction at the Time of Initial Device Implantation: Andrzej Kutarski
Risk calculation in HCMP: still a long way to go?:  Balaji Seshadri


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29-30 of September

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